Expert at Complex IT Solutions

The MIS is one of the most important IT systems of modern organizations, stores and provides information along many dimensions, provides an opportunity for analysis, drilling into detailed data, comparing the consequences of multivariate decisions. The organization provides decision-makers at all levels with the information they need at the right time, in the right place, in the right amount. It supports the management decisions by linking and analyzing information from different fields and processes and using multidimensional models.

In the course of planning, our experts first assess relevant business requirements and then define the range of IT solutions and resources necessary for their fulfillment. During planning of any IT investment is a high priority to establish safe and reliable IT systems which serve business objectives and processes precisely, on required levels, and which have valid functions and capacities.

The experts at Answare Ltd. - based on their multi-faceted IT, technological, and economic expertise - are able to support either the conceptual planning of any new, high-level systems, or the development of tenders. Conceptual planning is done by staff members  holding degrees both in Information Technology and Economics, thus they are able to understand and consider business and IT criteria simultaneously.

Architecture planning facilitates the strategic planning of an IT that frames the development of a unified enterprise architecture and the organization of separate business and technological functions inherent in enterprise applications into cooperating, standard-based services. Thus it defines IT operations, implementation processes and requirements.

Following a detailed assessment and analysis within the framework of IT problem exploration, our experts develop proposals for the enhancement of IT processes of the company in order to provide more effective and economic support, and suggest IT and technological solutions to develop the existing IT system.

They highlight possible sources for failure and their consequences in the present system, and prevent or solve emerging IT problems and risks upon request.

It is widely accepted that the solutions development for large-scale enterprises can best be implemented by system integration, that is, a combined application of various IT elements across system and technological boundaries.

In order to develop IT support for any kind of business solutions, our experts at Answare Ltd. are able to provide solutions for complex integration tasks comprising varied combinations of products and technologies.

The experience of Answare Ltd. has shown that significant performance growth in IT operations can only be achieved by a strategic and aligned deployment of the separate management systems (such as network-, desktop-, server-, and IT service management, event management, and other systems management solutions), which is scheduled along a unified conception and considers operational priorities.

The effectiveness of IT projects is largely determined by the successfulness of the procurement process as not many projects can be implemented without the involvement of outer supplier resources. Our experienced professionals can support the process from the writing of the feasibility studies and requirement specifications through the transaction of the procurement process’ negotiation phase to the evaluation of the tenders.

In partnership with SAS Institute we undertake deployment of business intelligence and business intelligence systems based on SAS software. Our experts have a thorough and deep knowledge of the operation and construction of the SAS software environment, so it is a joyful challenge for us in a complex environment. Our competency is required because of the versatility and complexity of SAS systems.

In the implementation of multi-dimensional IT investments, typically several professional companies cooperate. Sequential planning of these operators' activities along with joining and controlling separate tasks is the key to success for the project.