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SAS deployment

Our expert engineers have already performed various SAS system installations for many bank customers and financial institutions around the world. Most of our references are SAS 9.4 AML (anti-money laundering) and CDD (customer due diligence) installations, but we also have experience in installing the new and innovative SAS Viya environment.

MNV - Implementation of an integrated asset management system (ERP)

We delivered and installed server and storage components at the primary and backup sites of the system. System design, architecture, documentation, vendor-side integration, testing, going into production and support for the infrastructure (hardware, virtualization, operation system and the non-SAP database management) also was provided.

Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities - SZER Information system development, testing, install

Back-up environment consolidation at K&H

Centralisation server rooms by moving at MGSZH

IT audit at MGSZH

Customization and implementation of Service Manager 7.1 HD system at GGB Zrt.

Integrated textil-inventory information system at Kenézy Hospital

Sun15K Server upgrade at K&H

HEFOP 4.4 - Inter institutional information system

Storage Consolidation at GKM

Online disaster recovery system at GIRO

Centralisation server rooms by moving at MGSZH