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SZAKINT - Audit of IT infrastructure operation and system configuration

In the framework of the KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15-2016-00043 project entitled “System integration tasks arising from the transfer of competencies”, the beneficiary of which was the Csongrád-Csanád County Government Office, we subcontracted in the subject of “Audit of IT infrastructure operation and system configuration” for the following main tasks, covering all the 20 county government offices:

ORFK (Hungarian National Police Headquarters) – Professional process- and product quality assurance and quality control services

We carried out our tasks under the title "System design and quality assurance and quality control services" within the framework of the project "InNova, KÖFOP-1.0.0 - VEKOP-15-2016-00028".

NISZ (National Infocommunications Service Company)- Expert tasks in auditing services

Expert tasks related to the auditing of services to be introduced under the project "Consolidation of the IT infrastructure of public administration in order to reduce costs" (KÖFOP-1.0.0-VEKOP-15-2015-00005).

Hungarian Roads Management Company – Enterprise Architecture (EA) project - consultancy

Hungarian Roads Management Company – Quality assurance

Agriculture and Rural Development Office –Database design, SOA system design

Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing - Technical documentation for public procurement process

NAV IT archiving strategy

Magyar Közút - "Easy Way II." 2012 eng

IT architecture planning and Quality Assurance at Educatio