Expert at Complex IT Solutions

The MIS is one of the most important IT systems of modern organizations, stores and provides information along many dimensions, provides an opportunity for analysis, drilling into detailed data, comparing the consequences of multivariate decisions. The organization provides decision-makers at all levels with the information they need at the right time, in the right place, in the right amount. It supports the management decisions by linking and analyzing information from different fields and processes and using multidimensional models.

We build data consolidation, analysis and automated reporting systems on different platforms, based on different data structures, using different technology solutions. Our data integration solutions expand the collection of simple tables through the processing of structured databases to extract the contents of non-structured data sources. We build web-based, device-independent management information interfaces from complex system components that can be used to uncover data relationships and visualize them in the form of visual reports.

Special references (see also at ,,References"):

  • Hungarian Roads Management Company Fleet Management Information System
  • ÁEEK (National Healthcare Services Center) Quality Assurance of the introduction of "PULZUS Data Warehouse"
  • FSZK (Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd.) "Rehabilitation-Value-Change" analytical and evaluation system
  • HEFOP 4.4. - Inter-Institutional IT System
  • KENÉZY Hospital RESZ Kft. Integrated textile registration information system