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The KnowledgeOne knowledge management tool and the corresponding implementation methodology, based on the well known Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) framework, are targeted at the low maturity ITSM organizations in the SME sector, initially selected as the main scope of the project

KnowledgeOne is built on popular, open source software components with a large user base, such as XWiki, Apache Solr, and Kibana, with custom integration and functionality. Content created and stored in the knowledge base can be transferred to other systems thanks to their standard wiki format, so there is no vendor lock, the user can switch to any other alternative system at any time. An important feature of the tool is the Service Desk integration, which connects the service tickets to the associated knowledge base articles and interactively searches the knowledge repository to help resolve the current problem.

However, technology components alone are not sufficient to build up a knowledge base, each knowledge element is created by the users of the organization, creating the unique value that they will be users of. It is a community-building power that enhances employee satisfaction and motivation, as long as they are able to appreciate and help each other's work. In addition to the familiar social media features – liking or commenting on the knowledge kase article – KnowledgeOne supports this community building process through its gamification module and strives to bring the game experience into the routine of everyday work.

The methodology and software tool supporting IT service management were developed in the framework of a project implemented in 2017 with the support of the GINOP “Prototype, Product, Technology and Service Development”.

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