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RFID R&D project

Within the framework of the Ányos Jedlik Program supported by National Innovation Office (NIH), Answare Ltd. in cooperation with the Inter-University Centre for Telecommunications and Informatics (ETIK) and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) was conducting researches in the development of industrial applications of RFID technology.

The main scope of the project was to research the problematic areas of industrial RFID applications and to propese and work out solutions to ones that are the burden of wide scale usage of industrial RFID solutions. It also had the aim to research further development directions of these applications. The research focused on three problematic areas: physical problems of tag identification, security and privacy questions of RFID implementations, possibilities of using mathematical optimization and data-mining techniques in RFID applications.

The project developed numerous results and products of high scientific value and some prototypes directly utilizable on market.

The most important ones are listed below:

  • new minimal cryptographic techniques utilizable to increase the security level of RFID systems, taking into account the typical constraints and requirements of RFID applications;
  • RFID security appliance, to minimize the number of unauthorized tag identification, in secure environments;
  • simulation toolset enabling the analysis of certain phenomemnons in RFID systems;
  • RFID localization technique, with prototype;
  • Real Time Locating Service framework, with Location Based Services capabilities using the mentioned localization technique;
  • RFID voting and auction procedure and technique with Java 2.0 MIDP implementation;
  • data-mining toolset for analysing the databases of moving RFID-tagged objects.

At last but not least the project resulted in the build-up knowledge bases on the area of RFID. These bases located mainly in the new RFID laboratories of research organizations are capable of developing and passing-on the existing and new knowledge on RFID field.