Expert at Complex IT Solutions

The experience of Answare Ltd. has shown that significant performance growth in IT operations can only be achieved by a strategic and aligned deployment of the separate management systems (such as network-, desktop-, server-, and IT service management, event management, and other systems management solutions), which is scheduled along a unified conception and considers operational priorities.

The aim of deploying and implementing service and system management solutions is increasing  the efficiency of IT operations. Answare Ltd. has obtained a multi-dimensional knowledge base and numerous references in the implementation of IT service management systems, along with the development, operation and management of IT systems.

Special references (see also at ,,References"):

  • GDF Suez Energia Magyarország Zrt. (formerly DÉGÁZ Rt, ÉGÁZ Zrt.)
  • Groupama Garancia Biztosító Zrt. (Groupama Garancia Insurance Ltd.)
  • KIFÜ (Government IT Development Agency)