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Consulting services related to the implementation of the KIFÜ Asset management system

In the framework of the contract for consulting services related to the implementation of the KIFÜ Asset management system, we performed the following tasks:

  • Reviewing the current processes of the KIFÜ in the field of asset management and making proposals for their optimalization and development
  • Identification of relevant processes and related IT systems in KIFÜ asset management
  • Iterative consultation and sounding with the organizational units involved in asset management
  • Collect the asset management needs
  • Consolidation of needs, resolution of possible contradictions
  • Identifying of multi-alternative workflows and multi-option action plans related to the development of asset management (eg. internal custom development with own competence, external box development solution, external custom development…, etc.)
  • Creating requirements specifications related to several possible implementation logics (structured, itemized requirements)
  • Clarification of issues related to the Requirements Specification during the implementation process
  • Professional support of IT and process management for the development of the asset management system and related workflows
  • Professional support for implementation activities to monitor compliance with the Requirements specification and Action plan